Supervision Interests

My interests for supervision purposes (under-graduate dissertations; masters dissertations; or PhDs) include:

1) Comparative Public Administration: I’m especially interested in any studies that compare more than one public admin or “machinery of government” systems. I’ve been especially interested in structural reforms such as the creation of arms-length bodies or changes to civil service structures and systems; etc.

2) The Theory and Practice of Performance: how governments and others have sort to measure, control and improve public organisations and programs through performance systems. I’m also interested in ‘islands of excellence’, or why some ‘agencies’ seem to work in places where the rest of the public sector is not so good.

3) The Politics of Public Spending: I’m interested in how the processes and content of public spending and taxation have evolved over time, and again comparatively. There’s a lot of scope for studies in this area as its been a bit neglected and/or left to the accountants rather than being studied as a meta-public policy area in its own right.

I’m also interested in forming research teams – including groups of UG or Masters students – who want to research the same topic but maybe in different settings (e.g. do case studies in a different country each, and then compare results).

And being a curious, cross-disciplinary, sort of person I’m always open to suggestions of something a bit different…. ideas on an email to:

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