Media and Journalism


Stumbling towards the exit: Report paints grim picture of Whitehall chaos over Brexit 7 February 2018

Risks of the tender trap
The New European 30 January 2018

Productivity: Everything you need to know about the problem strangling the economy 27 November 2017

A McCarthyite witchhunt against Remainer academics 25 October 2017

Race, class, gender: New figures reveal reality of parliament 3 October 2017

Spinning the numbers: How politicians pull the wool over your eyes 21 September 2017

What might post-Brexit public services look like?
Public Finance 22 May 2017

Since 1995 I have published over 100 articles in newspapers and practitioner magazines, including: Financial Times (UK); PA Times (USA); Prison Service Journal (UK); Public Finance (UK); Public Service (UK); Public Servant (UK); The Guardian (UK); The Times (UK)

I have made regular media appearances including: BBC TV: Newsnight; Ten O’Clock News; News 24; Sunday Politics (NW); Wales TV News. BBC Radio: Today ; PM; World at One; More or Less; Radio 5 Live; Radio Wales; plus Sky News; Channel Four News; HTV News; etc

I have been frequently quoted in The Economist; The Guardian; The Financial Times; The Daily Telegraph; and The Times and a number of media in Denmark, France, Spain, Japan, China, etc.

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