‘Collective irresponsibility’ as Coalition starts to seriously disagree – between and within Parties

Just 15 months ago I spelt out in an article for Public Finance how much of strain trying to stick to Cabinet ‘collective responsibility’ would put on the Coalition government. I suggested that the Coalition would have to come up with some way of ‘agreeing to disagree’ as coalition governments elsewhere in Europe manage to do. Continue reading

Homo Janus – new blog launched about our contradictory human nature

Dear Readers,

Some of you may know that I have been exploring ideas about why humans seem so contradictory for many years. I even wrote a short, not very successful, book about it (The Paradoxical Primate 2004). I have decided to have another go, with some new and some old ideas. Because this isn’t directly about Whitehall, or wider public management, I have set it up as a new blog called ‘Homo Janus‘ (http://homojanus.wordpress.com/). Over the coming months I’ll be steadily adding new posts, and hopefully stimulating some debate, on this important and fascinating subject.

BT Infinity – Infinitely Unavailable?

Yesterday I got an email from BT, once again extolling the virtues of BT Infinity* and inviting me to sign up. As I am a BT customer – which is why they had my email – it wouldn’t have been too difficult to check that BT Infinity is not available where I live.

(*For those of you outside the UK, this is (privatised) British Telecom’s optical-fibre based network).

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