They all lost, but we could all win.

Labour has clearly lost, but the Tories also clearly did not win either, however much they want to pretend otherwise. The verdict of the electors is that they do not want one-party rule anymore. The issue is not whether we have a smash and grab Tory government or a clinging on Labour one, but what Coalition Government will form? Continue reading

Bumped by a Volcano

Things have been rather hectic over the past couple of weeks and I’ve done so many media things I’ve not had time to keep this page up to date. Until the Election is over that’s likely to continue to be the case.

But one amusing story – I got “bumped” by a volcano last week! I was literally in a cab on the way to a BBC studio to do an interview on the BBC TV News channel when I got a call saying the Icelandic volcano had squeezed everything else and they were cancelling. I’m not sure whether this is funnier, or not, than having an interview with Evan Davies on the Today programme cut short by their producers decision to insert an item about a talking teddy bear which supposedly said something controversial. The perils of what (usually jealous) American academics call being a “media tart”. Oh well.

Whoever you vote for, the Government will get in

The old anarchist slogan (above) always had a grain of truth in it – especially in Britain where our permanent civil service is very permanent indeed. As “Yes, Minister” so brilliantly satirised, Ministers come and go, but Sir Humphrey remains, immovable, unflappable and very much in charge – or at least a powerful force in shaping what governments actually do once in office. Continue reading